Bob Ross painting of distant mountains with a lake and cabin in the foreground
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Painting workshops with Maaret Webb, teaching artist and Certified Bob Ross Instructor

Bob Ross CRI®

Find freedom on this canvas. Believe that you can do it, ‘Cuz you can do it.

Bob Ross

A CRI, certified Ross instructor, is an art teacher trained in Bob Ross’s own instructional method in landscape painting, as seen on the Netflix shows “Chill with Bob Ross” and “Bob Ross Beauty is Everywhere” - compilations of lessons from his original PBS TV series “The Joy of Painting” which ran for 31 seasons and over 400 episodes!

CRI’s are the only instructors authorised and certified by Bob Ross Inc to teach his method. Over an intensive three weeks at the Bob Ross Workshop and Gallery in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, they are trained in all of the techniques and the proper use of Bob Ross products and can teach any of the paintings shown on the series. Using positive reinforcement as a teaching method, CRI's enable an achievable mastery of each step, as well as a joyful class atmosphere - “We don’t make mistakes, we just have happy accidents”.

Painting Workshops

The classroom is set up with all that you need for your lesson and you don’t need to bring anything other than your happy self. Only Bob Ross products are used, as they are designed to give you the authentic Bob Ross experience that you signed up for. Your instructor will explain everything you need to know about using the products and about the painting that you will be working on - almighty mountains, a seascape, a forest or waterfall scene, and maybe one of Bob’s iconic cabins.

Each step of the painting will be demonstrated to you, as you follow along, leading you from a blank canvas to a finished painting by the end of your lesson, ready to take home and frame.

Workshop Details

Workshops take place at our Brisbane studio on the first three Saturdays of every month, covering a different Bob Ross landscape each week. These workshops run from 10am to 3pm with a lunch break. Great for individuals and small groups up to 9 people. Book online now.

  • Mountains & Snow Scenes
  • Forest & Bush Scenes
  • Seascapes & Other Scenes

We also offer workshops at our Burleigh Heads studio for individuals or groups of up to 6. Please get in touch via email or by calling 0455 083 696 to check availability.

Classic Bob Ross Paintings

A different Bob Ross landscape each week - Mountain, Seascape and Forest/Waterfall scenes

Use Offical Bob Ross Materials

All official Bob Ross paints and tools are provided, essential for an authentic experience

Yours to Take Home

At the end of the workshop you'll have your own finished Bob Ross style painting, ready to take home and frame

Upcoming Workshops

Preview paintings from upcoming workshops and then Book online using the form below

Distant Mountains workshop preview painting

week 1 - Distant Mountains

Waterfall in the Woods workshop preview painting

week 2 - Waterfall in the Woods

Evergreens at Sunset workshop preview painting

week 3 - Evergreens at Sunset

Two Seasons workshop preview painting

week 1 - Two Seasons

Lazy River workshop preview painting

week 2 - Lazy River

Sunset Over the Waves workshop preview painting

week 3 - Sunset Over the Waves

Mountain Splendour workshop preview painting

week 1 - Mountain Splendour

Emerald Waters workshop preview painting

week 2 - Emerald Waters

Windy Waves workshop preview painting

week 3 - Windy Waves

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